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  1. DVC is enabled by default and I haven't tweaked the EQ settings. So.... I should be able to increase the Headroom Gain all the way to the right (to 100%) without distortion? I do notice that when DVC is enabled and I slide that bar all the way to the right, the volume increases. And when DVC is disabled I can also slide the Headroom Gain all the way to the right (to 100%) without distortion? It's only when I disable DVC and tweak the EQ that I need the -6.0dB gain? Then there's "No DVC for Bluetooth Absolute Volume" "Disable DVC for Bluetooth when Absolute Volume/Media Volume Sync is d
  2. Yeah, I know about the sorting order. Was just hoping I could maybe switch it so the artist name is on top and song name is on the bottom. Oh well.
  3. My library collection is always tagged with the artist name first then song name. But I notice that Poweramp sorts my library by song name on top then artist name under that. Is there a way to switch the order?
  4. New to Poweramp. Can someone please explain (in layman's terms), what the options in the screenshots mean? The reason I'm asking is because I noticed that the volume from my Bluetooth earbuds seems to be a bit on the low side (although, probably loud enough for most people). A user elsewhere told me to try toggling "Direct Volume Control" on and off. The first screenshot is with my earbuds turned off and the second screenshot is with my earbuds turned on. I'm not sure why Poweramp is saying that DVC is available when my earbuds are turned off, but not available when they're turned on. An
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