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Beats solo3 Bluetooth headset can't choose the high sampling rate!


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beats solo3蓝牙耳机无法选择高采样率的问题!
之前反馈过hi-res选择了高采样率实际上却保持48kHz的问题,得到了解决的办法,现在有线连接和usb DAC都能正确选择高采样率播放,真的非常感谢。
同样是828版本的app,连接同一个beats solo3蓝牙耳机,在联想骁龙636安卓8.1系统的手机上是可以选择高采样率并正确显示(如图),但在htc u11安卓8.0系统上选择了高采样率实际输出却只有44.1kHz,无法提升采样率(如图)!恢复音频输出的默认设置的办法也无法更改采样率!


Beats solo3 Bluetooth headset can not choose the high sampling rate!
Previous feedback on hi-res chose a high sampling rate but actually kept 48 kHz, and got a solution. Now wired connection and usb DAC can correctly select high sampling rate playback, thank you very much.
But now I have a very strange problem!
The same version of the 828 app, connected to the same beats solo3 Bluetooth headset, on the Lenovo Snapdragon 636 Android 8.1 system phone can choose high sampling rate and display correctly (pictured)


but selected on htc u11 Android 8.0 system The actual output of the high sampling rate is only 44.1 kHz, which cannot increase the sampling rate (as shown in the figure)!


The method of restoring the default settings of the audio output also cannot change the sampling rate!
The same headset can change the sampling rate on Lenovo's system, but the sampling rate cannot be changed on the htc phone. Is this caused by the htc system? Is there a way to solve it?
Thank you! ! !

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6 hours ago, maxmp said:

Bluetooth will force set sampling rate for you:

- SBC - 44.1kHz
- aptX - usually 48kHz
- aptX HD - 48kHz
- LDAC - 96kHz

This is why there is Defined by the device setting.

oh Yes, I know this. But if you look at my screenshot,


the same beats solo3 headset can adjust the sampling rate on Lenovo's mobile phone, it can be upgraded to 96kHz and the output is correctly displayed, but there is no way to change the sampling rate on the htc phone. Will this be a limitation for the htc mobile phone system? Because I have the impression that in a previous version it was possible to adjust the sampling rate, I don't know when it started to suddenly adjust.

And there is a problem occasionally, that is, the Bluetooth hi-res output has been selected, and the next time the Bluetooth connection is disconnected, it will become the output of OPENSL ES! When you enter the audio settings, the hi-res of Bluetooth is enabled but not valid, but the ES speaker is activated, but the actual speaker does not sound, and the sound still comes out of the Bluetooth headset. (pictured)


I just want to know if the cause of this problem is related to the htc system? Is there any other solution that can be solved?

More questions, thank you!😊


是的,这个我知道。但你看我的截图,同一个beats solo3的耳机在联想的手机上就可以调整采样率,可以提升到96kHz并且正确输出显示,但在htc手机上就没办法更改采样率。这会不会是htc手机系统给限制了呢?因为我有印象,在以前的某个版本中是可以调整采样率,不知道从什么时候开始就突然无法调整了。
而且还有一个问题偶尔出现,就是已经选择了蓝牙hi-res输出,断开蓝牙连接下一次再连接后,会变成OPENSL ES的输出!进入到音频设置看到,蓝牙的hi-res已经启用但是无效,而生效的却是ES的扬声器被激活,但实际扬声器并没有发声,声音依然还是从蓝牙耳机里出来的。(如图)


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