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  1. 真的很棒!很漂亮!希望之后补全各种语言翻译就完美了!感谢!
  2. 非常感谢作者你又更新了706,辛苦啦! 我发现,如附件图所示,我另一台htc m7 是安卓4.4系统,能够安装705、706,但是无法运行,会报错!而703、704则不会。 是不是从705开始已经不兼容安卓5.0以下的系统了啊?谢谢! ——————————————————————————————- Thank you so much for the author. You have updated 706 again.I found that, as shown in the attached figure, my other htc m7 is an Android 4.4 system. I can install 705, 706 but it will not work. An error will occur! And 703, 704 will not.Is it not compatible with Android 5.0 from 705? Thank you!
  3. 非常感谢你的回复! 按照你所说的我都设置了,但是依旧会遇到锁屏后5秒音乐停止。 我相信应该是系统问题而不是poweramp的bug,升级到706这个问题还是有。因为在安卓7.1的时候同样的版本都没问题,就是升级到8.0后才遇到的!而且我也已经把poweramp加入到了所有电源优化的白名单里。我想还是htc u11 8.0 rom的问题吧!。非常感谢! ————————————————————————————————————————————————- Thank you very much for your reply!According to what you said I have set, but still will encounter 5 seconds after the lock screen music stops.I believe that it should be a system problem and not a Poweramp bug. There is still a problem with upgrading to 706. Because in the Android 7.1 when the same version is no problem, it is only after the upgrade to 8.0 encountered! And I have also added Poweramp to all the power optimization whitelists. I think htc u11 8.0 rom problem! . thank you very much!
  4. 真是非常高兴,在没有任何预兆的情况下作者更新了705版本!终于,终于,在安卓8.0下成功激活了hi-res!非常感谢作者! 不过,还要反馈一个小问题! 我使用的机器是htc u11,目前系统是安卓8.0。 之前在安卓7.1下,704的所有功能都正常,但是升级到安卓8.0后,出现一个问题:在解锁情况下,如果运行了软件主界面播放歌曲,此时如果返回,让poweramp在后台播放歌曲,然后锁屏,大概3-5秒左右,后台就停止播放了。而且此时使用耳机按键播放,当前的这首歌曲不是从断点开始,而是从头开始的。这次升级到705后,这个问题依旧。 我不晓得是安卓8.0的问题,还是htc u11安卓8.0系统的问题?我周围因为没有使用安卓8.0的,所以没有办法排除。 反馈一下,看作者有没有办法解决,谢谢!!! __________________________________________________ I am very happy that the author has updated the 705 version without any notice! Finally, finally, hi-res was successfully activated under Android 8.0! Thank you very much!However, we must also give feedback on a small problem!The machine I use is htc u11. The current system is Android 8.0.Before Android 7.1, all the features of 704 are normal, but after upgrading to Android 8.0, there is a problem: In the unlocked case, if you run the main interface of the software to play songs, if you return, let Poweramp play the songs in the background. Then lock the screen, about 3-5 seconds, the background will stop playing. And this time using the headset button to play, the current song does not start from the breakpoint, but from scratch. After this upgrade to 705, the problem remains.I don't know if it is an Android 8.0 problem or is it an issue with the htc u11 Android 8.0 system? Because I didn't use Android 8.0 around me, I can't rule it out.Feedback, see the author there is no way to solve, thank you! ! !
  5. 我是来自中国大陆的用户! 首先非常感谢作者,制作了这么优秀的软件,而且是安卓系统独享的!真的非常感谢你!等待了这些年,终于迎来如此大的一次更新,再次感谢作者以及团队的付出! 我的设备是htc u11,目前升级到安卓8.0系统!前几天安装了790测试版,使用了几天,现在反馈两个问题。 问题1:使用蓝牙设备,在连接后无法恢复播放!我特地测试了好几遍。同样的设备和系统下,703/704版本都可以,所以应该不是系统的问题。 问题2:每次暂停播放后,播放列表正在播放的歌曲重置到第一首,而不是暂停前应该排列的位置。 问题3:htc u11使用的高通晓龙835是具备hi-res的,但是在790上无法正确识别! 谢谢!希望能修复。 ———————————————————————————————— Hi!I am a user from mainland China!First of all, thanks very much to the author for producing such excellent software and it is exclusive to Android! Thank you so much! After waiting for these years, we are finally welcoming such a big update. Thanks to the author and the team for their efforts!My device is htc u11, currently upgraded to Android 8.0 system! The 790 beta was installed a few days ago and used for a few days. Now I'll give you two bugs.BUG 1: Using a Bluetooth device, you cannot resume playback after connecting! I have tested it several times. The same device and system, 703/704 version can be, so it should not be a system problem.BUG 2: After each pause, the songs being played by the playlist are reset to the first position instead of the positions that should be arranged before the pause.Thank you! Hope to fix it.