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How to see a list of the songs that are playing?


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Hi there:

I started my trail yesterday. I like the app, but one simple thing is driving me up the wall, and is the only thing keeping me from purchase. 

I want to be able to see a list of all the songs that will be playing, IN THE ORDER THAT THEY WILL BE PLAYED. Right now, I have a playlist that I shuffle. When you touch the album artwork, it goes to a list of all the songs in the ORDER OF THE DATE THE SONGS WERE ADDED TO THE PLAYLIST. All the time, I want to look a couple songs ahead and skip to a song maybe 10 songs away from the current one playing. I don't want to play a new song in the playlist list and start a brand new shuffle, which is what PA is currently doing.

For example, I have a playlist with the following songs:

song1, song2, song3, song4, song5, song6

When you shuffle the playlist, this will be the playing order:

song3, song1, song5, song4, song6, song2

When song5 is currently playing, and I push the album artwork pic, I want to see song5 highlighted, followed by song4, song6, song2. However, it just shows song1, song2, song3, ......which again is the playlist order, not the playing order.

Also, if I then push song6, I want it to jump ahead to song6 and play it, followed by song2. I don't want the entire playlist to reshuffle and song6 be the 1st song because of the reshuffle.


I hope my question makes sense. Any help would be appreciated. Immediate buy for me if this is resolved. Thanks!

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No,. You can play any list in a newly randomised order anytime you like (just click the Shuffle icon) but you won't be able to see the songs that are coming up next that way (as it's random), although you can still skip backward to previously played tracks.

By forcibly re-sorting the entire playlist into a new random order first, you create a revised list which is then played from the first song to the last - meaning you can see the planned order, and move to a different position in the list at will. 


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