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  1. This works! Is there a way to make it shuffle re-sort every time the playlist is clicked on? I don't want to have to resort it every time a play that playlist.(which is everyday...lol) Thanks!
  2. Hi there: I started my trail yesterday. I like the app, but one simple thing is driving me up the wall, and is the only thing keeping me from purchase. I want to be able to see a list of all the songs that will be playing, IN THE ORDER THAT THEY WILL BE PLAYED. Right now, I have a playlist that I shuffle. When you touch the album artwork, it goes to a list of all the songs in the ORDER OF THE DATE THE SONGS WERE ADDED TO THE PLAYLIST. All the time, I want to look a couple songs ahead and skip to a song maybe 10 songs away from the current one playing. I don't want to play a new song in the playlist list and start a brand new shuffle, which is what PA is currently doing. For example, I have a playlist with the following songs: song1, song2, song3, song4, song5, song6 When you shuffle the playlist, this will be the playing order: song3, song1, song5, song4, song6, song2 When song5 is currently playing, and I push the album artwork pic, I want to see song5 highlighted, followed by song4, song6, song2. However, it just shows song1, song2, song3, ......which again is the playlist order, not the playing order. Also, if I then push song6, I want it to jump ahead to song6 and play it, followed by song2. I don't want the entire playlist to reshuffle and song6 be the 1st song because of the reshuffle. I hope my question makes sense. Any help would be appreciated. Immediate buy for me if this is resolved. Thanks!
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