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.m3u Playlist Poweramp plays wrong music


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I have a test music library like this.

        My Music Library/Artist 1/A.flac

        My Music Library/Artist 1/B.flac

        My Music Library/Artist 1/C.flac

        My Music Library/Artist 2/A.flac

        My Music Library/Artist 2/B.flac

        My Music Library/Artist 2/C.flac

        My Music Library/Test.m3u


     Test.m3u contents :

          Artist 2/B.flac


When I play this "Test.m3u" playlist in Poweramp it plays "My Music Library\Artist 1\B.flac" file.





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Possibly a result of the code changes Max made to avoid problems that people were having when moving M3U files with absolute paths from one device to another, which caused all sorts of issues.

PA now checks the filename and (well, so I thought) one level deep of folder names too, so it ought to work. What happens if you define the path in test.m3u as absolute rather than relative? 


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