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Broadcast for visualization. Also parameters for Vis. sensitivity.


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I would like the ability to broadcast the visualization to a network display.  I would expect that it would fill the screen and also perhaps show the track information on change...

Also I think there should be an easy way to increase the sensitivity to the music as well as displaying the preset name...at least when broadcasting to an external display.

Additionally I really need to request an update to shuffle play: there should be a list of 25 tracks if there are at least 25 tracks and duplicate items would be re-picked until the artist had not been played the last several tracks....for example. I had about 2500 tracks and only 9 Nine-Inch Nails tracks and Nine Inch Nails played 3 Times IN A ROW!!   I really didn't want these tracks at all anymore and deleted them over the issue. 

Thanks for a decent product and caring about your user base...

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