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Hide navagation bar option


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I really want an option to auto hide the navagation bar while playing an visualisation or in the compleet app (Android 12)

I know it's a possibility, a few games auto hide that bar when u start the game

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Than maybe in the default look from the app? 

I just use the default skin in dark mode, 

But I guess u mean that the app and the skin is build so u can change it till u like it, because of that that line of code wouldend work? 

Shame then. I really really don't like looking at the navagation bar bottons while Vibing to the visualizations. 

Oh wel 

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Does your OS not allow you to change the navigation mode to your liking? On android 12 on pixel 3a, these can be changed as follows...

Settings -> Accessibility -> System Controls -> System Navigation

You clearly have 3 button navigation enabled, though gesture navigation is definitely the least intrusive visually.





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