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Option: Shuffle/Play List buttons use "List Item Click Action"

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My apologies if i am missing a setting or something else here. I recall this working correctly in PA v2.

If you press "Shuffle" or "Play" buttons while in a list, it simply starts playing/shuffling music and stays in the list, even if you have "Play and go to Main UI" selected under "Library > Lists > List Item Click Action" and does't seem to utilize that option for these because they are buttons. Would be super rad if we could have the option for those buttons the same as the "List Click Action" to start playing and go to Main UI like in v2.

Thanks so much!

  • Poweramp 3.0 Build 816
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edgel
  • Android 8.0.0
  • Stock Rom
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3 hours ago, JohnnySapphire said:

Bump. Should i move this to bugs? It acted like this in PA v2, but not sure if this was intended for v3? 🤔

No, this is a feature request. It's no bug, and Maxmp already announced that he would expand the shuffle and play buttons in the list view.

@maxmp      is this still on your to-do-list ?

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