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"Swipe Up to delete song" option would have been great if possible in next update.

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Currently it is really "time consuming" to delete songs.

Note: I am not saying putting this feature as a default option.

Something that a user a choose, and the little warning that shows for confirmation. 

This 'confirmation message' can also be toggled by "extreme decision making" user like me.

Is this possible? It would be a big time saving thing for a user who have like 1000 of songs to check and delete.

Sometime songs gets too old and u want to delete. Swipe up, BOOOM delete. Awesome

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Is Menu > Delete really that complex, especially for a majorly destructive and irrevocable file maintenance option like that?

There have been a lot of requests for a return of the up/down swipe gestures for album/list changes, and I and other users have also suggested that up/down/left/right swipe gestures could be made into user-definable actions (including list changing, amongst other Settings-based choices). If that ever happens, I'm sure added Delete File as one of the choices would be fairly trivial, but I have no idea if Max plans to implement that request or not.


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