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  1. Currently it is really "time consuming" to delete songs. Note: I am not saying putting this feature as a default option. Something that a user a choose, and the little warning that shows for confirmation. This 'confirmation message' can also be toggled by "extreme decision making" user like me. Is this possible? It would be a big time saving thing for a user who have like 1000 of songs to check and delete. Sometime songs gets too old and u want to delete. Swipe up, BOOOM delete. Awesome
  2. I hope the future update made this possible. But till now, user can't edit unwanted Info tags of songs included in "Comment" and "Composer" section.
  3. I'm a Shuffle guy. And believe me when I say Poweramp shuffle mode is not powerful as Google Play Music shuffle mode. Its not. I don't know what algorithm do they use to circulate and randomize all songs without repeating same song accidentally. That's what true shuffle mode is! But unfortunately we lack this in Poweramp. I hope in the future, this issue is addressed. Because I have to listen same song... I have like over 600 songs, Poweramp can't entirely use them. Suppose I play with the song named A.mp3 and start shuffling songs, I will get the same pattern of next songs. Which is freaking annoying and disappointing! ?
  4. Thanks Mr. Clever_man Your method didn't helped me, but I understand something. I kept all "fade" value to zero. This has resolved the issue. Let's see. So, I replied you so late. Because I was testing it by playing continuously.
  5. Poweramp can't play songs continuously. But Play Music of Google LLC can play without any issue. Poweramp says, "Failed to play music". But when I select same song, it plays. Yes, I have waited like a month. But no updates has resolved this issue. I love Poweramp but this is a big flaw. I have to select the song again and again; which is killing me, my vibe! I will be missing u... The app is great but..
  6. 1. PowerApp can play next song when the current song is corrupt. That's a seriously very annoying thing ever. I have to unlock screen, and do next every single time. It's say, "Can't play the song" and stops. But when I resume it plays! ? Shuffle mode end up in error ? (P.S. : This doesn't happens all the time! Note, I have like 1000 songs. Sometimes it plays continuously. But like 70% of time, it stops. )
  7. Thanks Andre . ? (But think about the feature I ask too. It will be cool.)
  8. Thanks for reply. Hope u r not angry. 1. I do appreciate forum. In-app feedback option, would make things faster. I have seen many apps providing forum + in-app feedback option side by side. 2. Thanks for "tag editor". It really help me. But modifying Poweramp app which can also do "tag editor" would have been great. I have just used tag editor. They can play music too. But why? Because they want to expand their business with feature associated with it. So, believe me why I say Tag Editor will be a future. Whether ur music app provide it or not. Other music application will start to provide it. Same thing with the mobile notch these days. People like growing change. So, suck it up. ( & Don't sound angry ?)
  9. Poweramp lackess: 1. No direct feedback option 2. No option to delete embedded album cover and no option to embed album cover in mp3. 3. No option to automatically detect all songs and download all album cover at once. We have to wait to play each 1000s songs, while getting connected to internet.
  10. I think it would be a biggest time saviour thing made in history. Make this possible guys!
  11. Thanks. I searched. I gave up. But u helped me. God bless u. ☺️❤️❤️❤️
  12. Don't depend upon Musixmatch! Create your own database of lyrics. There are many websites where lyrics are available. An automated fetching should be done grab those all. Or contacting that website owner to talk to give all. A "business contract" I guess.
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