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Alt layout on Artists? (....and other stuff)

Nightshade Ghostaltar

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Sometimes stalker, first time poster, so apologies if this is in the wrong section,

So I love V3, just as I did V2, and all seems ok for me, but I have 2 questions ( for now...)

1.  I see a lot of Alt layouts for the main player page by various skin designers, I'm wondering if there are any for the Artist page to move text below the image in the same way?


2. Is it possible to show (either by default built in PA or skin) to show album count instead of song count?

I do all my own Google Play Music tags individually  so I like to keep my phone album count the same as GPM, coz they sometimes magically delete music as we know... 

Screenshot of 1 and 2 included if needed to explain what I mean.




SS (2).jpg

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