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Bring back playlist shortcut widgets, with an upgrade

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Hi! V3 is growing on me, but it killed my playlist shortcuts. I'd like them back, with an upgrade. I'd like to be able to set each individual playlist to shuffle, or play in the order they were built by default. Some playlists are meant to be shuffled, some are conceptual, and I'd like to have them play the way they were meant to be played automatically. Also, I'd like to be able to pre-set the equalizer settings per playlist, since many playlists are grouped by genre. I'd like it so that I can touch a playlist shortcut on my home screen, and the playlist will just start playing in the background, shuffled if it's set to shuffle, or started from the beginning if not, with the EQ set at the appropriate preset, all with one touch of one icon, and the Poweramp UI never even needs to open.

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