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v3 folder navigation


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The main reason I chose Poweramp over the other players I had tested back in the day and bought it was proper folder hierarchy navigation. I cannot find a way to do that in v3 anymore.


I organize my library with lots of subfolders:

<genre>\<Artist Name>\<Year>-<Album Name>\<tracks>


That's how I find what I am in the mood to listen to. Either hit Play at the <genre> level, or at the artist level, or at an album level. With the new interface all I can find is a list of all my album folders sorted by alphabetical order, e.g. by year, regardless of artist or genre, and with a HUGE album cover to boot. Completely useless to a non-millenial. The free music apps that come with every phone already does this.


Is there a way to go back to the v2 folder navigation, besides installing v2, or should I start looking elsewhere if this does not fit into the new UI design paradigm anymore?



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