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  1. Hello, The main reason I chose Poweramp over the other players I had tested back in the day and bought it was proper folder hierarchy navigation. I cannot find a way to do that in v3 anymore. I organize my library with lots of subfolders: <genre>\<Artist Name>\<Year>-<Album Name>\<tracks> That's how I find what I am in the mood to listen to. Either hit Play at the <genre> level, or at the artist level, or at an album level. With the new interface all I can find is a list of all my album folders sorted by alphabetical order, e.g. by year, regardless of artist or genre, and with a HUGE album cover to boot. Completely useless to a non-millenial. The free music apps that come with every phone already does this. Is there a way to go back to the v2 folder navigation, besides installing v2, or should I start looking elsewhere if this does not fit into the new UI design paradigm anymore? Thanks.
  2. Ha, I found the culprit. If I go into Settings > Look and feel > General, and enable the "Delete Action" function, it re-enables BOTH the "Add to Playlist" and "Delete" options in that menu. If I disable it, it disables BOTH. I don't remember touching this "Delete Action" ever. Anyway, I'll keep it disabled for the time being, it's too dangerous with fat and clumsy fungers. But I'd rather see it only change the "Delete" menu option and not the other, looks like a bug.
  3. OK, found some batteries for the old non-phone camera . Here is what I am talking about:
  4. Hi, I am running the Poweramp Full version on a Samsung S4 mini Android 4.4.2. I am veruy happy with it and it was running fine. Yesterday I downloaded an update from the google store and lost a function. I run Poweramp fullscreen with that window where the album art is taking the upper 2/3 of the screen, buttons below, title name and gauge below. In this window, when I hit the phone menu button, I have a popup menu with the Preset, Search, Add to Playlist, Info/Tags, etc. menu options. After yesterday's update, the Add to Playlist option in this menu is greyed out. If I want to add a song to a playlist, I have to tap on the song name to go into the song list window, find the song then make a long press on the song name, then tap "+ Add to Playlist", then tap the small icon to get back to full screen with albumart. Many extra steps that are very annoying due to "mistaps" when you have fatlarge fingers. So technically the add to plaulist feature is working, but is only disabled in the fullscreen+albumart window. Since I haven't gone into settings for days or weeks, and I was adding songs to playlists from the fullscreen window minutes before the update, and a few minutes after I could not do that anymore, I can only presume that something changed because of the update. Maybe some setting got changed because the update took place while the Poweramp was playing, but I don't think it's the first time this happened. Anyway, how do I re-enable the "Add to Playlist" menu option from the fullscreen with albumart window?
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