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Get Rid Of Scroll, Shuffle, Jump, Sleep, Fade


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I absolutely hate the new interface! The stupid scroll bar is a mess.

I need a way to disable or hide the scroll bar. That means get rid of it entirely! A stupid idea with absolutely no merit whatsoever!

I need a way to disable the Shuffle, Jump, Sleep and Fade buttons. I do not use them, and find they keep getting turned on when I try and use the forward/back buttons, which should be larger and easy to touch.

The overall screen is too messy and convoluted. I was looking at using Poweramp Pro for external USB DAC, hence my update, but won't be using it anymore!  It's awful!

Have you never heard of ergonomics?

Have you no idea that not everyone is a child with tiny digits? I am a man and cannot control the forward and back buttons without invoking another action. The standard keyboard works OK so I have to assume you have made the selection area too large - idiots!

I have only been using it to try and get is set up and working, and already I am sick of having to change back what I didn't want to do.

Can I revert back to V2 and use another product for USB DAC support, then when I get that working uninstall Poweramp for good? I don't want V3? I want to play relaxing music because I can, not because I have to after trying to use this frustrating mess.

Why is there no manual to at least try and explain what all the new settings do, instead of having to keep turning on and off and trying to see what difference it makes, that is if any affect is seen at all! Just because you have been working on it for some time, does not automatically mean the customers know what you have done, and more importantly why.



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