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Rescanning Playlist Bug


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I have a variety of m3u8 files that Poweramp can understand and create playlists based off of. Poweramp did not have any issue identifying and parsing them when it initially built the library and there were no issues with any of the playlists it created. There is some odd behavior that started happening after I began changing the m3u8 files though.


1. Deleting an entry from an m3u8 file.

This is handled properly. The playlist immediately corrects itself by removing the track and fixing the total number of songs.

2. Adding an entry to the m3u8 file.

This is not handled properly. Poweramp does not seem to be able to detect that a song was added (even though it has no issue detecting that a song has been removed). There doesn't seem to be anything I can do to make Poweramp recognize that an additional song is present. Rescan does not fix it.

3. Renaming an m3u8 file.

This does not seem to do anything at all. Poweramp is still able to play the songs from the playlist even though it shouldn't be able to find it. Poweramp displays the original name of the m3u8 file rather than the recently changed name. Furthermore, deleting the renamed m3u8 file causes the playlist to be deleted as well. I do not understand how Poweramp knows that I deleted that playlist even after I renamed it. As far as I can tell, as soon as I renames the playlist, Poweramp should have deleted the old one because it couldn't find it and loaded the new one because it should have appeared to be completely new. How on earth could it tell that it was renamed rather than entirely new? This really confuses me.

4. Adding an additional m3u8 file.

Poweramp seems to loads it appropriately.


It wouldn't necessarily be a correction to those weird bugs(?) but I think the primary issue is that rescanning is not actually rescanning. Performing a rescan should be sufficient to detect that the m3u8 file was modified (and indeed it was in version 2). In fact, I think there may be some data that was overlooked and should be deleted or reconstructed during rescan in general (see my album artwork report).


Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

Samsung galaxy s5 Android 6.0.1 Poweramp Full Version Build 807

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It seems 2 and 3 describe your issues,

2. Adding an entry; do you enter the track including extension, full path etc in the same format as the other entries? A small typo and it will not be recognised

3. Renaming ; do you rename it outside Poweramp? Or do you use rename from the pa menu? The same qusstion for delete. I find no issues when applied from within Poweramp

As Poweramp maintains its own media database, your playlst entry is held in a table. If you delete or change this outside Poweramp i can imagine that you may find discrepancies. You do not mention scanning under 3.



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