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Changing Current Queue system


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So when I am listening to music, i will often want to suddenly listen to a specific song when i am listening to an album or playlist or whatnot.  I will 'queue' that specific song.  The current song will end and that queued song will start.  Once that song ends, it does not go back to what I was listening to before, it just plays everything else that was queued in the past (that is if I have not cleared my queue, otherwise it just plays that one song i queued over and over) and there is no way to go back to what I was listening to without manually going in and clearing the queue list.  it is very frustrating.


In addition, it would be amazing if there were  'queue' and a 'Play next'  options as is on google play (play next / play later)  where the queue puts songs into a list to be played next, and play next puts whatever song at the top of the current queue.  That would be super ideal!  

In my opinion, the play next/play later system on google play is amazing.  Plus having that queue list is kind of annoying as when you finish the queue, the player just loops that queue list until you manually clear the queue, which is insanely annoying in my opinion.  


It would just be nice to add a song to queue, it'll play after whats currently playing, and then go back to what I was listening to before!

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Queue probably is repeated for you - never played songs get played. That probably can be polished with some future option(s).

Poweramp enqueue == play next.

Poweramp usually plays category (album/artist/playlist) directly and doesn’t constantly maintain some “now playing” list - this is why PA queue (which is just a separate dynamic playlist, one of many PA categories) will always differ from other players with Now Playing approach.

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I have a suggestion for upgrading queue that the op kind of mentioned a part of. I always create my playlist on the pc because it becomes impossible to use Poweramp to manage playlists or queue when the lists become huge. It's almost impossible to rearrange songs is the problem.

The simple problem I've run into: I like to make a list of new items I've added and I'll always put them at the top of the same list each time I add new ones so they play first. Well in Poweramp once you get several hundred or more songs on these lists it's really hard to move each individual song to the top of the list especially with multiple albums. I've actually never been able to do it. Ever. The move tool moves so slow through hundreds of songs that my finger always gets tired and slips. That always results in the list jumping and then I have no idea where the song went. Not willing to scroll through hundreds of songs, I give up. 

It would be nice if you could hold down on the song and when that menu pops up and the checkmarks show, there is a "move to top" and possibly "move to bottom"  option like some other players have. 

I remember my old Sony mp3 player had these options in the queue feature.  You could checkmark songs and "move to top of queue"  or "move to bottom of queue"  then you could save the queue as a playlist when you were done arranging songs. It turned the queue into a great playlist creator/editor.

I'm perfectly ok with making them on the pc but I just thought it would be cool if you could do this easier in Poweramp too. ?

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