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play songs in order


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I am just about to give up on Poweramp. I gave the new version a long try-out, and ultimately decided that it was not going to be suitable for my podcasts. I like the concept of sliding the scroll bar back and forth to fast forward / rewind, but it just doesn't have the fine control I need (or I lack the manual dexterity to operate it). When an ad starts on a podcast, for example, I would rather press/hold a button to advance 5 seconds at a time to get past it, rather than slide wildly forward, overshoot, slide back, overcorrect, and land where I want to be by chance after a lot of clumsy swiping.

But OK. I can use something else for podcasts and use Poweramp for music. But why oh why is it so difficult to figure out how to set the order in which it plays the tracks in my library?

It's sorting by track title, so if I have ten albums to listen to, it's a weird cross-section. (I do not bother with playlists BTW). I have been through every menu I can find looking for a menu I dimly recall from the old Poweramp, where you could sort by filename or song title or artist or album, and damned if I can find it. I once got into a menu and selected "by Path", and then it was going by filename, which is perfect, it's what I want because my music filenames are artist-album-track-title... but they were in reverse order, and when I went back in and checked 'reverse', it went back to playing in order of song title and I have not been able to make it do anything else.

It should not be this difficult.

thanks for any advice,

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