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My playlists won't work again


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I got a new phone in May.  Transferred my license from the old phone to the new.

At first I couldn't get playlist widgets on the new device, which is a big deal because I have over 500 playlists.  The playlist widget didn't appear in the Poweramp widget group.

I then added the Nova launcher to my system, specifically to see if I could get the playlist widget.  Bingo, that worked beautifully.  I spent the hours it takes to make and drag 500+ widgets into folders on my desktop.

This morning, out of nowhere, the icon for Poweramp, and on the widgets, looked slightly different.  Worse, the widgets didn't do anything but bring up Poweramp's list page.  Worse, almost all, but not all, of the playlist labels are gone.  None of the playlist widgets actually call up a playlist.  And the widget is gone from the Poweramp widget group.

What the heck is going on?

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