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I know the lyrics feature is not implemented in version 3 yet. Is it possible for us to get synchronized lyrics from tag (something like what MusicXmatch does, but offline by reading it from the tag)? Of course this will require the lyrics to be written in format (timestamped) where it can be read based on what part of the song is playing. May I suggest what you get when you open a .srt file with notepad. srt files are typically used to provide subtiitle/captions in youtube . Because of this,the output when you open .srt file with notepad is typically timestamped in this fashion:

00:00:34,133 --> 00:00:44,956
some lyrics...........some lyrics.......some lyrics

00:00:45,805 --> 00:00:52,973
some lyrics...........some lyrics.......some lyrics

00:00:53,281 --> 00:00:58,066
some lyrics...........some lyrics.......some lyrics

with this, lyrics can be probably displayed in sync with the part of the song being played. A little of UI modification can also fully accommodate this:

Possible suggestions:

1) a settings that allows the user to choose between visualization or synced lyrics (when present)
2) There is a little bit of space left for a new button between the timer and repeat button

3) The lyrics button under info/tag in the triple dot menu should also be fine as long as it updates as the song goes along.

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there's already a standard for timed lyrics and it works like this:


[00:00.00]One kiss is all it takes
[00:02.10]Fallin' in love with me
[00:06.30]I look like all you need
[00:23.74]Let me take the night, I love real easy
[00:27.36]And I know that you'll still wanna see me
[00:31.57]On the Sunday morning, music real loud
[00:35.16]Let me love you while the moon is still out
[00:38.80]Something in you, lit up heaven in me


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