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  1. Now the app is using the "lyrics" tag where I stored the timed lyrics for the media players that support it, I wonder if you can change it to the "unsyncedlyrics" tag where i put the lyrics without timestamps. Anyway nice work with the v3 and sorry for my bad english. Greetings
  2. there's already a standard for timed lyrics and it works like this:
  3. Alpha 703 Sony Xperia Z3 Song: https://www.dropbox.com/s/13ne0gvcvqdsjo7/Melody.mp3?dl=0 Every time I say to the app to play from 00:00 to about minute 1:20 it plays from the begin but it say it's at x minute. Eg: I click at minute 1.11 the music start from the begin but the app says he's playing minute 1.11. It happens with a few of songs. If you don't understand my bad English I will send you a clip.
  4. I saw that in settings-about there's a visualizer behind Poweramp text. There's it also in normal visualizer? What's his name? Thank you
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