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Shuffle resets on car RNS

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XTRONS Android 6 car RNS 2GB RAM for Seat Ibiza.


Everything worked fine during trial, but since I purchased Poweramp (via Homepage, activated by google account) the shuffle always resets to "shuffle all songs" when I turn off the engine. Other settings (buffer, etc. ) are kept, most times it even remembers where the song stopped. Weird.

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It resets on startup. I turn off the car with shuffle by lists, and when I turn it on again it shuffles everything without selecting any song or anything. 

I'm not sure how familiar you are with car radios, they usually use a launcher app from which you control other apps. I set Poweramp as default Audioplayer, and now in main menu of my radio I have play buttons. Are you suggesting using those resets the shuffle setting?


I figure it has something to do with the device not receiving any power at all when the ignition key is taken away, though I set the RNS to power down slowly.

As I said, this didn't happen during trial, or even during the time I got that nagscreen telling me to buy. (In case you're wondering, it's a legit copy, not a cracked version. 4 bucks isn't even worth the hassle)

Not a dealbreaker, still the best player for car radio around and I tested several, but annoying.


I select my songs my tipping on the one currently running usually.

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Odd, there is no difference in functionality between the trial and paid versions, it's is purely a time limit.

It is probably that the device is being forcibly shut down without allowing settings to be saved first.... could you try exiting the player manually (leaving the car ignition and the headunit still on), then make sure the app is fully exited via the recent apps list, and then restart it and see if you have the same problem.

Also, check that the start link is not launching a Playlist rather than just simply starting the app with no commands (starting a Playlist can also reset the Shuffle mode I seem to recall).


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I will, and will report back

In all probability it is simply a play button. it shows where in a song it stopped before and then it continues frome there (which rarely works in any other app for cars because of the power issues)

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