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  1. I will, and will report back In all probability it is simply a play button. it shows where in a song it stopped before and then it continues frome there (which rarely works in any other app for cars because of the power issues)
  2. It resets on startup. I turn off the car with shuffle by lists, and when I turn it on again it shuffles everything without selecting any song or anything. I'm not sure how familiar you are with car radios, they usually use a launcher app from which you control other apps. I set Poweramp as default Audioplayer, and now in main menu of my radio I have play buttons. Are you suggesting using those resets the shuffle setting? I figure it has something to do with the device not receiving any power at all when the ignition key is taken away, though I set the RNS to power down slowly. As I said, this didn't happen during trial, or even during the time I got that nagscreen telling me to buy. (In case you're wondering, it's a legit copy, not a cracked version. 4 bucks isn't even worth the hassle) Not a dealbreaker, still the best player for car radio around and I tested several, but annoying. I select my songs my tipping on the one currently running usually.
  3. Device: XTRONS Android 6 car RNS 2GB RAM for Seat Ibiza. Everything worked fine during trial, but since I purchased Poweramp (via Homepage, activated by google account) the shuffle always resets to "shuffle all songs" when I turn off the engine. Other settings (buffer, etc. ) are kept, most times it even remembers where the song stopped. Weird.
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