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  1. Oh, dope! I didn't notice that option in the list options dialogue. Great inclusion, Poweramp is basically perfect, then. Thanks for the replies.
  2. I suppose that all makes sense. I guess at this point I'd only have two requests/suggestions: 1. Choose what happens when a top-row button is pressed (return to main screen, etc) 2. Choose what happens when the library button is pressed (go to library, or go to subsection i.e. folders)
  3. It seems that selecting the first track returns me to the main screen and respects the shuffle setting that I already have set, which is nice. However, I notice there is a row of options at the top of each album; a shuffle button, a play button, etc. Is pressing these buttons supposed to return me to the main screen as well? I would prefer them to; maybe it's because I'm still on Android 7, but they don't. It would be nice if there was an option to decide where the library button goes. If I want it to go straight to folders, for instance, then my folders are always only one button press away. I also notice there isn't an option to sort Albums by Album Artist, which is bad because plenty of soundtracks and compilations have songs where the tag is attributed to an individual artist, while the album artist is the name of the company/producer/series/film/etc. This doesn't really matter to me since I stick to the folder method, but it's something I noticed. I don't know if the developer is reading this thread or not, so I'm not sure if saying this here will do any good.
  4. Sorry, I should have been more clear; I meant the Poweramp main screen. Last time I used the latest version, the "play" button within the album folder didn't do this. I'll double check the setting you mentioned, thanks.
  5. There needs to be an easier and quicker way to select an album and return to the home screen. It was best when you could select the folders icon, then long-press for play. Literally two presses and some swiping. Now it takes four or five presses to do all of that.
  6. Was the functionality of this ever different? I was using V2 up until recently and I don't recall the shuffle mode being reset. I would prefer it to not be reset.
  7. 1. Is it possible to restore the "Play" option in the album long-press menu? Why doesn't it exist anymore? 2. The play icon that exists within album folders doesn't return to the main screen. Shouldn't it? And shouldn't a long-press "Play" option? 3. Could you restore an option to display a "Folders" link on the main page again? 4. If a long-press "Play" option is restored, can it be optional whether or not it resets or respects the currently set shuffle settings?
  8. Awesome, that's exactly what I'm hoping for! I'll definitely be purchasing. One more question: I like the option to resume playback on inserting headphones, especially since the program stops the music when the headphones are removed and my Android has a loose connector. Is there or will there also be an option to also prevent the music from stopping when headphones are removed?
  9. This is a fantastic program. It's sleek and beyond functional. I especially like that it supports gapless playback, which for some reason even the Winamp app just doesn't. The one missing feature is the ability to advance to a random album. I'm actually surprised that it's not available. MortPlayer (which is free) does this beautifully. I'm even more surprised that it isn't included in the To Do list for Poweramp. It's the one thing that's keeping me from buying the program right away. (I'm still thinking about it.) I tend to use my Android for listening to albums on long road trips so this feature would be very nice so I wouldn't be forced to listen to all my albums in order every time. If I knew for a fact that folder shuffling would be included in future update I'd purchase the program right now and gladly wait.
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