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[resolved] No direct return possible towards the selection


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1 - I request a display by artist
2 - I display the list of songs for a given artist
3 - I choose to listen to a title
From there, I do not know how to return directly to the list (2)
The only way I've found is to go back to the main menu and start the search again.
Or put the list (2) in the queue, which allows to return to the general menu.
Is there not a more direct way to return to this list from the tracked title?

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On 21/02/2018 at 1:38 AM, andrewilley said:

Tap the song title area in the Player screen to return to the current list display.


Thank you for the info.
It was not as obvious as it may seem once you know the solution.
Poweramp is complete and complex at the same time.
As we say in French, "il fait papa et maman" ie "all we want" as long as we know how to do it

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