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  1. institut

    Several albums for only one needed

    I checked all the tags. Actually, that was it I had to erase all the tags referring to an album (track no., Artist of the album ...) Thank you for info
  2. institut

    Several albums for only one needed

    For me, it seems to be the explanation I will check this tags Thank you
  3. Hi I have a series of files whose tag "Album" contains "French varieties". When I request the display of available albums, Poweramp display several albums "French varieties". Why ? normally, I should only have one?
  4. institut

    a small problem with the display by artist

    You are right but it's a pity that Poweramp think only english. What about "un, une, le, la, les" in french or "ein, eine, der, die, das" in german. And so on with others langages
  5. Hello André, sorry, I did not quite understand your advice. So I installed TagScanner which allowed me to compare it to Metatogger. In conclusion, the only advantage of Metatogger is that it knows how to automatically recover lyrics (if they are available of course). Regarding this problem of lyrics, it is almost certain that I made a mistake at the time of the "save" by leaving Metatogger. Indeed, I restarted the download operation of the lyrics and making sure to save data before leaving, I actually found all my lyrics on Poweramp. Conclusion: my problem did not exist and I will use Metatogger AND TagScanner which seems to me more precise on the formats. Thank you for your help Alain
  6. Poweramp has a function that displays lyrics. So, it looks for a specific place or tag name. What is this place or what would be the name of this tag (lyrics for example)? Metatogger uses an uncommon tag to include lyrics and this tag is named "paroles" (French term). Perhaps the problem is on the name that does not match the one that Poweramp is looking for ? Alain
  7. Hello, I do not know if you know Metatogger, this excellent tag editor that works with Windows. It offers many functions to do mass treatment. Among other elementary functions, it allows to introduce embedded covers but also lyrics that will automatically load from the database Wikia.com Everything is fine when I get these tags with Poweramp except for lyrics. When I use the Poweramp "lyrics" feature, I get the message "no lyrics found in the track tags" Who could give me an explanation Who could tell me how introduce lyrics in Poweramp Is there a possibility to recover the lyrics that I registered with Metatogger? Thank you for help
  8. institut

    Tracks ignored in external playlist

    Bingo, you are right and we caught the explanation of the problem. It's actually a matter of accented characters. Without success I had already followed this hypothesis but only on the tags. It turns out that the problem lies simply on the file names. The tags can contain any accented characters of the French language but not the file names, which is still a big disadvantage. Conclusion, the format m3u is not for the French and probably other languages. End of the story
  9. Sorry if the function exists but I did not find it. I had created an important playlist that I had started listening in random mode. I had to interrupt the audition and I realized that I would have liked to be able to resume listening to the place where I stopped. Of course, the problem does not arise when listening to the tracks in the order of the playlist
  10. institut

    Tracks ignored in external playlist

    Good idea, the simple act of manually changing the m3u to m3u8 extension works properly. This does not explain to me why some tracks are ignored and not others while I have used the same input rules and there are no special characters that could explain the problem. The Playlist Manager application offers two types of transfer: either in m3u or in m3u8. So personally, the fact that it works in m3u8 suits me. But it's interesting to understand why the m3u does not work, if only for the developer. Is the m3u transfer function of the application that does not work or is it a more general problem As an example, I put here two files (François Valéry, Les trois ténors) that Poweramp does not recognize in a m3u playlist and two tracks that are well interpreted. If you see something there ..... François Valéry - Une Chanson D'été.mp3 Aaron Neville - Tell It Like It Is.mp3 John Lennon - #9 Dream.mp3 Les trois ténors - All I ask of you.mp3
  11. Hello I'm using the great New Playlist Manager application to create playlist for Poweramp. But there is a problem that can not be explained with the developer. When Poweramp retrieves the playlist (in m3u format), some tracks are unknown to it (the number of tracks contained in the playlist indicated by Poweramp is less than the number of tracks contained in the playlist built by Playlist Manager. On the other hand, there is no problem if the playlist is provided in m3u8 format. I specify that all the tags have been checked and that they contain no special characters. These tracks ignored in the playlist are present in the Poweramp music folder which has no problem finding and reading them individually with its own search functions. If anyone has ever encountered this problem ....
  12. Thank you for the info. It was not as obvious as it may seem once you know the solution. Poweramp is complete and complex at the same time. As we say in French, "il fait papa et maman" ie "all we want" as long as we know how to do it
  13. Hello, 1 - I request a display by artist 2 - I display the list of songs for a given artist 3 - I choose to listen to a title From there, I do not know how to return directly to the list (2) The only way I've found is to go back to the main menu and start the search again. Or put the list (2) in the queue, which allows to return to the general menu. Is there not a more direct way to return to this list from the tracked title?
  14. Hello, Artists whose names begin with a number followed by a space appear in the list Artists whose name starts with a letter followed by a space do not appear The solution that would be to put a dash (-) instead of white would be problematic for tag management I resolved to put a dot and a space ". " instead of space It's not aesthetic but at least it works