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  1. Hello André I reviewed the folders. The artist_art folder interests me but does not quite answer what I'm looking for. In this folder, are kept images of artists who can serve me. But what I'm trying to recover is the external image of the album cover that Poweramp offers me and that I chose (apart from the one that is imbeded). Is it possible to find this image somewhere in the mobile folder, which would be perfect.? screenshot 1 I choose artist ABBA. The picture artist is displayed. OK, I know where to pick up Screenshot 2 I choose a file. The imbeded cover is displ
  2. Perfect, it is a solution I'll try
  3. Thank you for info That's exactly what I do but it's tedious because you have to do the research, save and then nest. I already used Mp3tag with my Android. But, the app has problems with tag crashes and spreading on other files. I much prefer to use Metatogger with Windows. The app is very powerful and without any bug. Most importantly, she does batch processing. I advise you to try it and you will tell me what you think?
  4. Hello, I looked at DBPoweramp and it does not answer my problem because I do not handle CDs but mp3 or flac files. I understood that Poweramp could not make a change to tags without risks. But, silly question, it might be possible to have a 'small' function that would save the cover as a jpg file ?. it would avoid having to search the net and it would already be a great progress
  5. OK, and what is the name of your CD ripping program ?
  6. @André Thank you André You have perfectly summarized the situation. Indeed, English is not my language and I was probably misunderstood. To be clearer, to enrich my music library, I use Metatogger under Windows 10. An excellent tag manager that allows to record just about all the info about a song or an album. Among the tags, there are two that I use particularly. Metatogger is able to find, download and embed lyrics in the file Then, Metatogger allows embedding photos but cons, does not know how to find them on the web as can do Poweramp. We must find them either, download t
  7. Hello, The covers are downloaded at the time of the audition of the piece of music. It would be really useful to be able to integrate them in the tags as embedded pockets. These integrations are only possible with specialized applications like the excellent Metatogger but require a lot of work. Is it possible to rely on Poweramp to do this essential job for those who want to have a musical library at the top?
  8. I checked all the tags. Actually, that was it I had to erase all the tags referring to an album (track no., Artist of the album ...) Thank you for info
  9. For me, it seems to be the explanation I will check this tags Thank you
  10. Hi I have a series of files whose tag "Album" contains "French varieties". When I request the display of available albums, Poweramp display several albums "French varieties". Why ? normally, I should only have one?
  11. You are right but it's a pity that Poweramp think only english. What about "un, une, le, la, les" in french or "ein, eine, der, die, das" in german. And so on with others langages
  12. Hello André, sorry, I did not quite understand your advice. So I installed TagScanner which allowed me to compare it to Metatogger. In conclusion, the only advantage of Metatogger is that it knows how to automatically recover lyrics (if they are available of course). Regarding this problem of lyrics, it is almost certain that I made a mistake at the time of the "save" by leaving Metatogger. Indeed, I restarted the download operation of the lyrics and making sure to save data before leaving, I actually found all my lyrics on Poweramp. Conclusion: my problem did not
  13. Poweramp has a function that displays lyrics. So, it looks for a specific place or tag name. What is this place or what would be the name of this tag (lyrics for example)? Metatogger uses an uncommon tag to include lyrics and this tag is named "paroles" (French term). Perhaps the problem is on the name that does not match the one that Poweramp is looking for ? Alain
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