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Changing the local file location causes the music added to the playlist to be lost in the playlist.


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Yes, that would indeed happen.

Poweramp would see the original files (that were in /ExtSdCard/Music/ for example) as being no longer available on your device (i.e. deleted) so it would wipe any existing library entries for those files (including any references within Playlists). Then it would subsequently find a whole load of 'new' music files in (for example) /ExtSdCard/NewMusic/ and add all these new songs into the library. But these are not the 'same' as the song files it saw before, so they won't be found in Playlists.

The way around this would be to first export any internal playlists to external .M3U8 playlist files (in Settings > Folders and Library), then change the folder names to however you need them to be in a File Explorer app. Then edit those .M3U8 files to refer to the newly created paths (they are just text files, a simple text editor with a global search and replace feature can do that in seconds) and finally put the revised .M3U8 files into a location that Poweramp can scan. Note: you don't need to re-import the playlists, Poweramp will do that automatically when it sees the files.


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