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  1. I am 830, Android 7, has already supported dlna?
  2. For example, use the file name to identify the star rating of the song, without having to remember the file path, song title, or other, so changing the phone or changing the file path will not cause a level reset. 例如,使用文件名来识别歌曲的星级,而不必记住文件路径,歌曲标题或其他,因此更改手机或更改文件路径不会导致级别重置。
  3. Suggestions, new features, display lyrics, DLNA
  4. foobar In the use,Only other software on the phone does not have a "folder hierarchy", which is inconvenient to use.
  5. Sometimes I have to play music on my phone on my computer. what about you?
  6. Changing the local file location causes the music added to the playlist to be lost in the playlist.
  7. I also have this problem, the mobile phone of huawei mate8, system Android6 (emui4.1)
  8. 为什么天天花时间看皮肤?皮肤现在还不够好吗?dlna更重要! [Translation: Why take the time to look at the skin every day? Skin is now good enough? dlna more important! ]
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