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Settings button not showing.


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The Samsung Note 3 has a physical menu button so it should not display the icon by default, just press the menu button. If for some reason you especially need to see the icon, go to Settings > Look and Feel > Menus > Show Menu Icon to force the three-dots icon to be visible even though there is already a physical button for the task.

I use a Note 3 too by the way, and I'm currently running 6.0.1 on it very stably. It was on 4.4.2 out of the box, and can be 'officially' upgraded as far as 5.0. Personally I'm with you that 4.x was better in a lot of ways though, without all that trendy material design nonsense. Incidentally, you will need upgrade your device to continue to run any updated releases of Poweramp, as from the next beta-test version of PA v3. Android 5.x will be the minimum spec (hence my own need to upgrade, against my better judgement).


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