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  1. Power amp doesnt show the settings button on my samsung note 3 so i cant access anything anymore. please fix Its at android 4.2.2 if that matters and its not getting updated past that.
  2. Play on bluetooth headset used to start Poweramp if i recall. I swear i could simply connect a bt headset and not touch the phone to get the player to start. Now i have to open the app first before it responds to BT controls. 2 months ago it stopped. let me know how to fix please
  3. Please add option for volume normalization. We have been asking for years. I still use your software because its the best. Dont make me have to clutter up my android with some 2nd rate software please. I and others look forward to this feature being added in an upcoming update. thanks!
  4. and here it is over 5 years later and still not the option. Its not like he asked for it to be forced upon people. Those of us who have amps to power our headphones have not much problem. Considering you pretty much NEED an AMP for the crappy androids since the dB rating is garbage all around on speaker and at the jack, we all could benefit from this. Not to mention the android i need it the most on is 24/7 hooked to externally powered speakers.
  5. LOL! their response to you was to blame you. Good luck with your files! One problem I have I first reported like 3 years ago and it was never fixed. I think theyve got all their paid buyers and stopped development and with android apps you have to buy a new app every 2-3 years to make sure it works right. This seems to be the trend for android apps. We need the govt to regulate these app makers and google.
  6. When I turn off my bluetooth it resets the audio i am listening to back to the start and i lose my place.
  7. Sent! Hopefully the txt isnt too small to read. The yahoo mail doesnt seem to want to mess with fonts for me and changed them after everytime I did. Maybe theyll fix it someday.
  8. Ive got a bunch of files where the player will show them as double length and start halfway thru. This makes it really hard to go thru recordings looking for a specific time or rewind really fast. It seems to be 44.1KHZ aac/m4a files (many look to be around 63KBPS if that matters, but one or two arent exactly that number). None of my computer audio players do this with these files. How do I fix this?
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