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I don't know how to word this out so bare with me. I think some of my music are still playing after it's finish time mark, for example, one song is time 3:48, but it carries on for another 10-20 when it actually finishes.

I've tried other music apps in the meantime and the music just finishes on the correct allocated to of the song which I actually want it to do. I don't know if it's on my end or Poweramp's, I just wanna know what it is. I'll use the other music app for now until there's another update for Poweramp or something. 

Thanks in advance :)

Current build: alpha-build-703-uni (Full Version)

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It's usually related to large embedded cover art data (or sometimes VBR files) that don't also have the length tags set up the way Poweramp expects. Try removing cover art using a tag editor and see if the resulting file has the same issue.


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