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  1. Yes, I was wondering this too, whenever I put my custom playlist on shuffle, it still ends up playing songs alphabetically, hopefully they do fix this soon.
  2. I personally like it but that one I mentioned is missing, but I like the older one better, is there a way I can revert back to the old version and/or will it be laggy or something? sorry I'm not really technical ?
  3. I really like this new look! But one thing I seem to notice is the track counter, where is it? For example (1/5172)
  4. There should be a "Sort by BPM" feature in the future updates so you can choose which songs to play next by the song BPM so you can mix more smoothly.
  5. Oh okay thanks, I will try this and let you know if the issue has been solved or not.
  6. I don't know how to word this out so bare with me. I think some of my music are still playing after it's finish time mark, for example, one song is time 3:48, but it carries on for another 10-20 when it actually finishes. I've tried other music apps in the meantime and the music just finishes on the correct allocated to of the song which I actually want it to do. I don't know if it's on my end or Poweramp's, I just wanna know what it is. I'll use the other music app for now until there's another update for Poweramp or something. Thanks in advance Current build: alpha-build-703-
  7. This is one of this issues I've been having with but it's not that deep for me, on the other hand, the music player seems to stop the music by itself and says that "decoder timed out" or something, now that's a more serious issue in my case, what if i was playing out music from my phone at a party and it suddenly stops? Is this because the app is still in testing and looking for as many bugs as possible so the devs can fix and improve the app or is there another reason that I don't know about? Any information will be much appreciated and thanks in advance.
  8. Yes I've turned off the auto rescan, but when I add new music and do a manual scan, it does the same thing again. I tried everything I could think of and nothing. Any help or info will do.
  9. Hi, I don't usually sign up to forums if I actually needed to, but today is the day I join one. Because of this problem I keep having whenever I'm listening to my music the list goes back to the start again, I don't know if this is a bug or whatever but I need help or if anyone else has had this problem or if this is a feature I don't know about... for example, I'm 34/4185 into my music, but when it automatically rescans, it reverts back to 1/4185, therefore restarting the whole playlist all over again. Can anyone tell me what to do here, or is it a bug that the developers are looking to
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