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Poweramp v3 stutter


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Hi Andrewilley

I have problems playing music with Poweramp v3 (703) on xperia z2.

Poweramp has stuttering (lag) after I get the message from the chat app (messeging, viber, zalo ...). Cause due to Poweramp lost hi-res connection when receiving notifications from other applications. The solution is to disconnect and plug in the headset. Please be able to fix this.

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I have the same problem of audio stuttering.

It happens when I start playing music again after the phone's been used for something else.

It only happens at the start of a playback session. It lasts for something like 5..10 secs then settles to normal steady audio.

I guessed it would be solved by a longer Bluetooth buffer but I can't change that any more in Settings.

I have:

   Nexus 6
   Poweramp alpha-build-703-play (Full Version)
   Nova Launcher 5.3 (Nova Launcher Prime 2017)
   Android 7.0 (NBD92G)
   Sony SBH20 Bluetooth headphone adapter

Thanks very much.

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You can change the buffer size per output device now (in builds 700+) . Go to Settings > Audio > Output. Choose the current output type (probably OpenSL ES) and tap on the small settings icon for your output mode (e.g. Bluetooth). You use the same system for setting high-res output settings on devices that support it. 


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ORIGINAL POST (2nd August 2017)

Thanks very much for the reply and suggestion, Andrew (or Andre?). I didn't realise there was a menu underneath OpenSL ES, silly of me, glad to see the mountain of settings in there.

One of the sequences that always makes this problem happen for me is: (a) switch SBH20 Bluetooth adapter off; (b) launch Poweramp on phone onto track play screen and leave it paused; (c) press Power button to sleep phone; (d) switch Bluetooth adapter on; (e) press Play on Bluetooth adapter.

The stuttering then occurs for the first 5..10 secs of playback before disappearing.

I just tried it a few times. With the maximum buffer settings (8 buffers of 100 ms), the stuttering problem still happens. It only happens for 2..3 secs but it happens.

As I adjusted the buffering back down, the stuttering lasted for commensurately longer.

Looks like a problem to still be resolved.

This problem didn't happen to me with Poweramp V2 but with all my other software (I rarely install new apps etc.).

Thanks again.


UPDATED POST (5th October 2017)

I have just switched Bluetooth adaptor and the problem has now gone anyway - no stuttering.

I was using a 2013-odd Sony SBH20 (meets Bluetooth 3.0).

I'm now using a modern Bitmore AudioBuddy (meets Bluetooth 4.2).

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