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Maybe already there? Jump to current track in playist


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I have a rather long playlist from which I would like to gradually remove tracks that don's seem to fit in.

When listeing to one of those tracks I have not found any better way than remembering its details, opening the playlist, scrolling down to the track and removing it.
This is a bit awkward.

On iTunes and other desktop players there's this handy thing - "jump to current track". I haven't found anything like this in Poweramp, maybe I have just not looked at the right place?

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Have you tried tapping on the song title in the player screen?

Or if all you want to do is remove it from the playlist, press Menu from the player screen and choose 'Delete'. Note: when you are playing from a playlist, this action will immediately remove the song from the playlist, but if you are listening in folder/album/songs/etc mode it will delete the physical file from storage (you will be prompted first).


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