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  1. I have a rather long playlist from which I would like to gradually remove tracks that don's seem to fit in. When listeing to one of those tracks I have not found any better way than remembering its details, opening the playlist, scrolling down to the track and removing it. This is a bit awkward. On iTunes and other desktop players there's this handy thing - "jump to current track". I haven't found anything like this in Poweramp, maybe I have just not looked at the right place?
  2. I have now resolved this topic for me by going through all my m3u playlists inside Poweramp and create new Poweramp playlists from their contents, so that I will no longer need the m3u files. I could probably do this in a more automated way using the New Playlist Manager app, however I really want things simple and in one place. The original problem leading to me opening this thread was a problem that I had encountered: trying to add a new track to an external m3u playlist. Things did not work as expected as described above,
  3. In what way - well, in a way that in the end I can manage my playlists easily from within Poweramp. I took a look at the Player Manager app, but found this far from intuitive - I found all my playlists in duplicate or triplicate, but each displayed with 0 tracks. Trying to import an external playlist did not help. I don't think I want to deal with this. What I really want is simple: not have to know how this all works but have my playlists supported without any issues. That's why I decided to use a non-free app for this (and don't get me wrong, Poweramp is a wonderful app and worth e
  4. When setting up my phone I had an existing music collection with playlists in m3u format on a memory card. Poweramp recognized them nicely and worked fine with them. Now I have added a new track by copying it from dropbox to the collection's folder on the memory card. I located that track in Poweramp's folder-view, long-pressed it, selected "add to playlist" and chose an existing playlist. After that the playlist had only one track, the one I had added. I retried that with a different playlist, same effect. Good that I still had the original m3u file somewhere else, so that I could
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