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Bought Poweramp. Need help with optimal settings for my LG V10


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Hi all.

I bought a secondhand LG V10 and a 200GB SDCard as my primary music player. The ESS DAC and amp are simply stunning. I ended up selling my Fiio X3 and my Fiio portable DACS.

Unfortunately, the music player leaves lots to be desired. It can't handle my collection; it's too big. So I remembered I bought Poweramp and installed it. I hadn't used it for a while, and I'm overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options.

I installed the Alpha version,and now see there's an expereimental Hi Res output option, but  it uses the Snapdragon DAC.

Now, there are two things I noticed.

1) I can still enable or disable the Hi Fi DAC using the menu toggle switch, and I get the pause, as if the DAC was engaging. And I believe it is.

2) The Hi Res output plugin upsamples everything to a set frequency. I configured 192KHz, but I'd rather not upsample anything, and play my collection at the original frequency.

What can I do to get the most pure (not upsampled) playing experience, while using the SABRE DAC on my phone?


Thanks a lot!

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At the moment (clues are in the words "alpha test" and "experimental" :) ) you can't set the output frequency to match the source file content, only to a given set frequency. Hopefully that will be something that can be added though, as it's a very common (and sensible) request.


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Everything works fine! I was just wonderig if there was a preferred set-up. I'm very impressed. I listened to music for about an hour, and lost 2% of battery, using the SoX resampler, and the highest quality dither, using the Hi-Res module, and the HiFi DAC on my phone. Really amazing!

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