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No rescan?

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I'm trying to get a full rescan after changing SD card - both app & data were residing on the card rather than the main memory.

Whether I try to get the rescan started from the extended many or from the error message when I try to play any track, I get the same result, rescan does not run. 

I've got build 588 of the full paid up app, running on a Galaxy S7, v5. 0.1. 

Any advice? 

Thanks Andre 

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Do you have the correct folders ticked in Poweramp Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders ? It could be that after changing the SD Card or ROM version, Android has mapped your card using a different absolute path.

Also I don't personally transfer the app itself to SD Card. While I'm not sure if it will cause a problem, you could eliminate that variable by putting in back in main memory for now. 


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