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  1. Thanks for the info 👍
  2. Are Tone boosts similar to Low pass boosts via Eq? Cause both sound different to me
  3. What is the difference between using Tone and low shelf on param Eq ?
  4. Hey, can anyone help me with headroom gain option like what it does and how I should configure it?
  5. @andrewilley Hey, this issue was solved in 948+ builds, so now I can play music while using yt,insta or Twitter with Hi res output without any problem. Thanks!
  6. Yes, when I selected 192khz the final output shown was 192khz. Same goes for sample format I could easily switch between 24bit and 32bit on 941-945 builds
  7. But Poweramp was able to output selected sample rate in 945 build, it didn't revert to 48khz ig.
  8. Any audio related features/improvements in upcoming beta release?
  9. @andrewilley Please report him or block. He is abusing and using foul language for no reason.
  10. I have an app called noozxoide eizo rewire pro which improves sound by a lot but hires disables it too.
  11. Sir, I can't change sample rate on Aaudio output. It used to be 192khz default before update but now it is locked on 48khz. I tried several things but it doesn't change.
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