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  1. I recently heard about oboe output and i came to know that it is basically a improved version of Aaudio and opensl es and it uses c++ which is optimized low latency and is designed for high performance audio apps so i wish Poweramp also use it in upcoming updates.
  2. @maxmp This was very helpful. Thank you.
  3. @andrewilley The issue is Hi res output is not able to bypass the system music fx which is hurting the sound quality
  4. @andrewilley Exactly this is the problem I tried to disable it via music fx option near volume knob but is not working at all I even tried clearing the app data
  5. literally today I came to know that pa was using android music fx till now on my device, while playing music on PA I turned music fx option on and off from system settings and I was shocked the audio quality was changing even with hi-res output. Pls review this issue
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