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  1. I just bought the Pro version yesterday. Had this happen to me today with a Dasaita Android head unit for my car. VERY annoying. This scheme is unnecessary and a big hassle for the purchaser. I will not have wifi 99% of the time I use this app. I made a forum post before I did a search to see if others had this problem because I was so annoyed. Really bad licensing scheme. If it's not fixed, I guess I will go back to Pulsar, which was very good, but lacks the visualizers that impressed me so much. But nothing is worth this hassle.
  2. I was impressed with Poweramp, bought the Pro version for my Android head unit. So I'm listening to music in my car, go to setting to play around, and I get a message saying "can't verify license." Now nothing works... I can see the songs but none of them will play. After I get home from my drive and get back on wifi, I have an option to "restore license." I had to run the unlock application again at this point to get my player working again. What a hassle! Looks like I threw away my $4. Next version, I hope the developer thinks about people who might use this mp3 player OFFLINE. Horrible li
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