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Display: running time music file

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Not sure if this matter has been covered before, it concerns the display on my Poweramp when a music file is running.

Recently I have discovered that the end time of the music file intermittently disappears from the display for some reason (see picture 2 below with the circle I added).

Everything plays fine for a while and then it happens. Often the end time re-appears late on during the play. Very strange indeed. It seems to happen on different music files (all MP3).

Picture 1 shows how it is supposed to look. Picture 2 how it sometimes appears.

Any idea what causes this? My phone / Poweramp info can be seen in my signature. Thanks for any help.





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Posted (edited)

I have wondered about this matter in the past week and a thought struck me today. Could this strange phenomenon have anything to do with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Smart View Wallet Case that I am using for my phone?

I know it lets me access interactive display on the phone without opening the cover and uses some kind of technology to achieve this. I have never considered it affecting the phone in other ways, but I am beginning to wonder if it actually plays a role here.

To test it out I played the same song 2 times today, first with the case/cover closed (like I usually listen to music on the phone) and this phenomenon happened again, the end time of the song disappeared for a while. The second time I had the case/cover open so it did not cover the front of the phone and I could see the Poweramp display with the song all the time, this time the phenomenon did not happen and the end time remained throughout the song. I tested with a second song (MP3) to see if it might have been a glitch the first time but the exact same happened again.

I therefore suspect that the Samsung Smart View Wallet Case on the phone somehow interfers with the Poweramp-display. Could be I am wrong but I find it suspicious that it happens as described above.

If anyone else has this Samsung phone (or other model) and also the Samsung Smart View Wallet Case and could test it, that would be helpful.


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I tested this matter again now with the new build 967 and the same thing happens. The end time of the music file intermittently disappears from the display.

I still suspect that my Samsung Smart View Wallet Case on the phone somehow interfers with the Poweramp-display, but am surprised no one else here has experienced something similar.

Have there been any reports of this issue, @andrewilley and/or you guys have any idea why this happens?

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@andrewilley Strange.. I don't use any skins, just Poweramp default so can't really say. It never seems to happen when the Wallet Case is open, only when it is closed 'on top of' the Poweramp-display which is why I suspect the interactive case is the problem.

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