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PA Graphic Equalizer Visualization bars


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I tried to check if this has been talked about before but could not find it specifically anywhere. Sorry if it is an old topic.

Is there a setting in PA where it is possible to make the dynamic visualization bars (see marked area below) in colours (same colours as the graphic equalizer bars above according to frequencies used) instead of (black and) white?

If not, is this a feature which may be added to PA in the future, or must one use a skin / separate visualizer to get this effect?

Thanks for any info.




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@Malagant while it’s possible to some extent, it won’t work the way you probably want it to work. This is due to the equalizer bands distribution being different vs visual frequency response, where we have fixed predefined set of frequencies arranged in the specific way so it better corresponds to the dynamics of the music. But I guess optional “strictly follow equalizer bands” mode is possible in the future for the frequency response visuals, even if it will be visually “boring”.

Added to TODO, thanks for the request!

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