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  1. Unfortunately, I am not tech savvy enough to know what most of this means. I do know my old droid 3 is turned off more than it is turned on. I have not a clue how to get an older version of Google Play, if that would solve the problem. Just very frustrating because when it works, the app is very good.
  2. For those interested: Here's what I am using: Droid 3, Android 2.3.4, Poweramp 2.0.10 build-588-play Here's the answer: Google quit supporting Android 2.3 devices so you may want to download older Play version or use newer device. So how do I download an older version of Play?
  3. This, in much more comprehensible language than I could create, is exactly the issue for me. Any hope for a solution Max?
  4. I'll add myself to the "great app but super frustrated" list. PA worked great for years. Three weeks ago I was on a motorcycle trip using my old no cell plan Droid phone bluetoothed to my helmet comm when the music quit. That was the first time I had the license fail issue. Followed the reconnect instructions and all was good for a few uses until today. As others have said, I paid for this and shouldn't need to be connected ever again. Love the app except for this frustration.
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