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  1. Um, is there any additional information I can provide to help resolve this?
  2. Sorry I forgot to mention my build. I am already on Build 899.
  3. Longtime Poweramp user here and ever since upgrading to Android 11, I noticed this issue where the color and artwork of the notification fails to automatically update when a new song starts playing. Pausing the song from the notification and then resuming it does result in both color and artwork updating but until then it's just a drab background with no artwork at all. Attaching screenshots to show what it looks like at first and what it looks like after pausing and resuming. Please let me know what other information I can provide to fix this.
  4. Thanks a lot I only get Purchase Verified. There's a line underneath it that says Store: Play. Is that the same or is "Purchase Verified and Stored" a separate thing?
  5. I know that the unlocker can be uninstalled after 2 days but is there a way to know when the validation is done so that I can uninstall it as soon as that's done? Just curious is all.
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