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  1. Thz @fullmetal_soldier people should express their own opinions. But I'm happy with my presets ?
  2. This started after the update, rescanning did nothing. I think this issue is device specific ?
  3. Hey, @andrewilley I think that I have found a bug in the build 709. Is it me or that is common problem that Poweramp show that *no track loaded* Please help ?
  4. It's totally based of ur preference and if u didn't like it just play around with the knobs until u find the sweet spot..
  5. This is the attached file If does not work manual is the way to go bro just like @andrewilley said...
  6. Hey I will reupload the file and try in that I hope that it will work ... last.poweramp-settings
  7. Hey can I know which version Poweramp u r using
  8. Thx man it works BTW how do u know that the audio is playing in hi res ?
  9. Hey hi res option is showing up in mi a1 But when I active it through the aux The aux is connected but hi res plays through the device speakers ?? Plz help
  10. Bro this file is not meant to be opened paste it into the folder then open Poweramp and go to the settings find a option called import settings
  11. I will upload the present once more k last.poweramp-settings
  12. U should paste this file in the Poweramp folder in the /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer Then open Poweramp then go the settings and press the import button *(If u already have a similar file cut it and paste it somewhere else as a backup)*
  13. Hey man I know about the lockscreen issue. I was just informing that is this a device specific or common issue for all