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  1. interesting, I got the DAC to work again after enabling "Emulate Media Stream"
  2. the current build is not compatible with my phone's hi-fi DAC when using Hi-Res Output Vivo X21A
  3. hi-res aux output works again for me, nice
  4. hopefully in the next update I'll be able to use hi-res output again
  5. Vivo X21a Android 8.1 stock Beta 790 CAN use hi-res output for wired headset/aux Beta 792 & 793 CANNOT
  6. unfortunately the Vivo X21 doesn't seem to give me the option to change the settings of the display color in any way. in any case here's what I was talking about
  7. when I used PA on my previous phone (Samsung Galaxy S7), there was no noticeable change in album art when I enable 24-bit RGB. on my new phone (Vivo X21A), with 24-bit RGB enabled, album art gets unnaturally darker and more saturated. is this due to my phones having different specs or an actual bug?
  8. I'm not familiar with the more technical details but my experience with PA on the Vivo X21 has been: 705--Wired Headset/AUX available for OpenSL ES HD but music will not play if I enable it 709--Wired Headset/AUX is not listed for OpenSL ES HD 790--Wired Headset/AUX available for OpenSL ES HD and music plays when it's enabled If this helps, the phone has a Hi-Fi DAC, in the settings I have Hi-Fi mode enabled for PA. When music is playing through aux in PA 790 the Hi-Fi notification shows up indicating it's active.
  9. Vivo X21A running android 8.0 Open SL HD lists aux on 705 but does not work currently using 709 and Open SL HD does not list aux
  10. (currently running alpha version 704) A lot of my album art are more rectangular than square, I recall for the regular version (non-alpha) of the app the lockscreen keeps the scaling for all the album arts. But for the alpha version the lockscreen restricts album arts to a square and compresses album arts that aren't squares. Is there a way to maintain the scaling of my album arts on the lockscreen for Poweramp alpha?
  11. Foobar's mobile app is still rather (understandably) lackluster and considering it's PC origin I doubt it'll ever be as feature-rich as Poweramp. Personally, I use Poweramp for headphones because I find its equalizer most ideal for customizations. If you like setting up different sound profiles for different headphones then the beta version of PlayerPro is a lot like Poweramp, it's capable but imo somewhat inferior. For playing unaltered audio I use Neutron. It's a pain in the rear to understand ALL the settings and how to configure them but if you want to play music without any effects then the setting is rather simple and imo the quality is superior to Poweramp (without EQ)
  12. Can someone tell me what "resampler cutoff frequency ration" is and what it does? I've seen people recommending 95% and 97-99% but why and which one to choose? And what's the difference between each dithering options?
  13. I was testing around the equalizer and I noticed sometimes the bars of Main UI Drawer Spectrum becomes white once it hits a certain height (see image). what does that mean? overloaded audio/distortion?
  14. without external amplification it's practically impossible for PA to damage earphones through sheer volume. However, if you make ridiculous adjustments to the equalizer you are forcing your earphones to play distorted sound which could damage earphones without being loud. Jfc you're overloading your poor headphones with distortion
  15. any album art that's not roughly square gets stretched/compressed, pls help Samsung Galaxy S7 Snapdragon Poweramp alpha-build-704-uni
  16. just as the title said. the lockscreen stopped working all of a sudden. happened out of nowhere I'm not even sure how to address this problem, I don't think it has anything to do with my phone's setup.
  17. hello, I'm new to this forum. I don't know if this has been brought up, but in the lockscreen, some of the album art do not get scaled correctly (either stretched or compressed)
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