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  1. At least an option to turn off resampling and follow file frequency/bit depth in Hi Res Mode
  2. Poweramp's UI is vastly superior to any other players. But i had to move on UAPP as it has Bit Perfect Mode as any true audiophile player should despite its inferior UI. So its not impossible. Why such a low priority? Its literally the only flaw of this app. Makes the Hi-Res option pointless.
  3. Thats it yes. Seems Poweramp only has SX and SoX resampling options not an off option. Ugh flashbacks to neutron's UI gives me the chills.
  4. "Bit-Perfect" as in prefering for the audio signal to go through as few processing steps as possible . If you have a 16 bit 44.1 khz WAV and resample it up to say 24 bit 192 Khz the sound quality wouldnt get better. Information cannot be added so resampling would just degrade the audio further by introducing artifacts. Sure the difference is barely audible and some people like what resampling does to the audio but for those of us that want to hear our music as unaltered as possible its not very desirable. Those who want or need a reference sound prefer less processing so the audio is as pure a
  5. There needs to be a BitPerfect mode or if there is one please correct me.
  6. I use mostly 16bit 44.1khz Flac files on my LG V35 with HiFiDac enabled. Hi Res output shows 32 bit 192 khz. Does this mean that the signal is being resampled from CD to Hi-Res? I ask this as resampling/upsampling is known to degrade sound quality. So for the purest unaltered sound should i use stock Open SL output? I use Etymotic ER4SR which are VERY analytical and can show flaws like these.
  7. 1. Onkyo DP-X1 2. Stock Rom (Lollipop 5.1.1) 3. Device contains Dacs: 2x ESS Sabre ES9018K2M Amp: 2x ESS Sabre 9601K in BTL config and Active Control Ground (an industry first). http://www.head-fi.org/t/780642/onkyo-dp-x1-dual-sabre-dacs-balanced-sabre-btl-amp-mqa-dsd-256-android-5 audio_policy.conf
  8. I'm not sure. There's always a chance it could work. There's no harm in trying.
  9. All that sound mods do is colour the sound and make it unnatural. If I were you I'd just have a MOD like v4a where you can fine tweak the audio settings. Also make sure you're playing lossless music and have a good pair of headphones to appreciate your music to its best.
  10. I too would like to know the answer because I will get a DP-X1 soon.
  11. I think this is an interesting topic. Convolution can change the sound drastically, as seen in viper4Android.
  12. I am currently testing the 702 release of Poweramp. It has huge potential and it makes Neutron music player quite redundant. However, whenever I'm playing music, playback can stop randomly and unexpectedly at times. I have an HTC One m9 running ViperOne 4.3.0 (Marshmallow). I am not using v4a. I am using high res output at 24 bit/192khz processing. I am also using Sox resampling. No headroom gain is used. I'm using wakelock. DVC is not used. Please assist me if possible to eliminate this issue.
  13. It's possible. However, if you use DVC you'll need to switch v4a to compatability mode. Also, you should check out the 702 release of Poweramp. It now has hi res output of 24bit/192khz. It's expiramental and only works for some devices however.
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