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  1. I don't agree but that's beside the point. You were able to express your feelings on the subject without wanting to shoot everyone responsible. I didn't realize skins were such a contentious issue.
  2. Seriously? Skeuomorphism? Disdain? Wow!! Those are some pretty intense skin issues. Chill dude!
  3. Or a skin that would let you choose what you want displayed.
  4. I too would like to see a revision for v3 of Ikorlkov's material skin. It is my absolute favorite. I would like also to be able to hide both unknown artist and unknown album. If the artist field is not filled in it's because I either don't know or care what it is. Seeing 'Unknown Artist' displayed is very annoying. I listen to nothing but classical music and seeing everything labeled 'Song' I also find very annoying. Even the songs of, for example, Mahler or Schubert aren't labeled 'song'. They're 'song cycles', or 'pieces', or 'pieces of music' or 'compositions' or 'opus'. It is also annoying when, for example, displaying the genre list that one composers picture is displayed at the top when many different composers are in the list. And when, for example, displaying an album titled 'Beethoven's Symphonies', one artists name is displayed with the image when there are many different artists in the list. It would be nice if we had more control over how and when things are displayed and labeled. I too would pay for a truly fine skin. I tend to be a bit OCD about some things so please excuse the rant. I've had this building up in me for some time!
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