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  1. Hello, I have been experiencing the same crackling on my Fiio M6 as described here. Funnily, the cracklings were only audible when the screen was turned on. Thanks to this thread, lowering the output samplerate to 96kHz was enough to fix it for me (playing flac files in 44.1kHz~48kHz). Side note, I have the resampler set to SoX with its other parameters left to default, and Tone and EQ are turned off (haven't tried with). Hope this helps!
  2. I mostly use the album view, and I initially thought the sorting was done the same across views, in a general way... I hope this can be easily fixed.
  3. I don't know if this is directly related, but I have a similar problem with Music Boss for Pebble: artwork fails to update when track changes while the phone's screen is off. As soon as the screen is turned on, the artwork gets loaded. The problem was reported to the developer ("Jonathan L (Reboot's Ramblings)" on Google+), and he's blaming "power saving features enabled" on the android device. From what I understood, the artwork is extracted from the lock screen (as such, it depends on the lock screen artwork setting in Poweramp). Is there indeed a power saving feature, that prevents updating the lock screen while the screen is off?
  4. Ok then, it works for me in the Folders view. I can't tell about Albums-by-Artist, I don't have any artist with enough albums to test it. My issue is only in the "[All] Albums" view, which behave the same on two completely different android devices. I'll stick to the Folders view for now. Thanks for the tip.
  5. Not really: the sort order is as expected when not set reversed. And as I mentioned, this happens when sorting albums by artist as well.
  6. I'd love to see a grid view that adapts to the screen size, or a setting to set the number of columns, or pinch zoom. The way it currently is is really not ideal on a tablet, or even on a phablet.
  7. When, in "List options", you select "Reverse", the sort criteria is completely discarded: in the albums view, for example, it will always sort by album name, reversed. My wish here is to sort by date, reversed, having the most recent at top (not having to scroll all the way down to find my latest additions). I have noticed the issue on 2 devices: HTC One (m7) (whatever ROM, the 3 I've tested behave the same), and on a Lenovo Yoga Tab 2. Both running Lollipop.
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